Write an essay on haste makes waste story

Previous Next Haste makes Waste In almost every situation when some idea hits our mind, without wasting a second we wish to apply it. And most of the times we do it. One definition of decision is our ability to make choices quickly and confidently, but not always we make perfect decisions is also true.

Write an essay on haste makes waste story

Haste Makes Waste Haste and rashness are almost negative and destructive. They break health, they wreck business. They way of haste is always full o pitfalls.

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A man in haste is, practically, a half bling person — often impulsive and headstrong. Such a person is sure to lose the race of life which can be only won slowly an steadily. As already suggested, haste is vicious and most harmful in business. In haste, one fails to consider all the sides to the problem and thus a businessman can ill-afford to do.

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As a Russian proverb goes, hurry is only good for catching files. Rapidity does not necessarily lead to progress. Haste also interfere with health and peace of mind.

It may be a symptom of nervousness or debility and in its own true in fosteres weaker and ill health. An unbalanced personality utmost always displays haste.

Haste makes Waste

Haste in itself, is sort of morbidity — a disease. The pretense of haste signifies the absence of sanity and self-control. To be precises haste makes waste means that haste entails much wastage of time, money and energy.

A man in haste almost feels exhausted and may, in his later year, complain of some sort of heart trouble.

Hot Essays: Essay on Haste Makes Waste

To sum up, haste is a contemptible vice. Create haste makes great waste.Moral Story: A Faithful Dog and Its Master (Moral: Haste makes waste) Moral: Haste makes waste. Related Articles: A Fox and a Goat – Short Story; Story of An Honest Woodcutter (Moral: Honesty is the best policy) Advertisements: Guidelines.

write an essay on haste makes waste story

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haste makes waste toefl essay global warming essay opinion. Haste Makes Waste Story in Urdu We have Haste makes waste story both in English and Urdu so if you want to read Haste makes waste story in urdu, you can read below and enjoy but must learn some lesson and not do this because it is story not reality.

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