Tim sniffen writing and drawing online

Gameplay[ edit ] You Don't Know Jack is played out as a fictional trivia game show for one to four players, with the goal to win the most virtual money at the end of the game. Each game uses a pre-defined set of ten questions from over seventy episodes, titled by the name of the show's fictional sponsor. Most questions are multiple choice, providing one correct and three incorrect answers, along with a short timer that starts once the question has been completely presented.

Tim sniffen writing and drawing online

I instantly fell in love and played it every chance I could. I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of and quickly researched the company that made it. Timing is everything, and I soon discovered that they were hiring artists in Chicago!

The requirements for the position was exactly my skillset in animation, 3D graphics, and software at the time, Macromedia Director, if you can believe it. They flew me in for an interview and it was sincerely the most thrilling time in my life. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming and I just knew I had found my new home.

I took photos all day, and this one was from lunch that day with the art team.

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The voice, the timing, the sfx and music were all there. Back then he looked a lot like Serpico; pretty scruffy and kind of intense but in a friendly way. After the demo, my boss back then at BSI, Igor Gasowski asked me what a good treatment might be to translate this into a game, design-wise.

Should we do video?

tim sniffen writing and drawing online

With a video host? Whether it was insight, laziness or my disdain for those cheesy multimedia CD-ROMs with tiny little video windows at that time, I said no to a video host, absolutely not. I felt the game was mostly there.

A better font, some TV-style motion graphics, those would be the icing on an already awesome trivia-show cake. I guess that answer helped to get me assigned to art direct the sucker.

We wrote our silly little questions and our little jokes thinking it was a fun way to spend the summer. When the game was about to be released, Berkeley Systems, our publisher, flew us all out to San Francisco for a big celebration.

I went as Dances with Wolf Blitzer. People were playing the game at the party, and it was the first inkling many of us had that this game could do well and we might have made something special. Michele is dressed as Annette FuniJelloMold. Andy, always one to buck trends, is dressed not as a Smush, but as Chocky the Chipmunk, a recurring character in our early fake commercials.

I was twelve and terrible with money, but it was the first time I ever saved up to buy something. That first game taught me so much about humor, timing, and crafting personalized interactivity.Eleven years have allowed me to transform this garden apartment into the perfect symbiotic workspace, drawing from the best aspects of the Batcave (Burton-era), Tony Stark’s workshop, Cerebro, and the Batcave (Nolan-era).

– Tim Sniffen – Medium Slapdash is the exciting new service that sends high-end fashion right to your door – and there’s nothing going on here that you need to worry about. Oct. 24 Tim has 10 jobs listed on their profile.

See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Tim’s connections and jobs at similar companies. View Tim Sniffen’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's Title: Writing / VO / Animation.

tim sniffen writing and drawing online

You Don't Know Jack is a video game of the party genre released by various home consoles and handhelds based on the series of You Don't Know Jack games. the game's producer, said the development process was "insanely quick", allowing them to work concurrently on writing, art, sound, including Second City comedian Tim Sniffen.


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Writer. Tim grew up in Locust Valley, NY home to more than a few real-life Ravonkas. Tim has been a writer with The Second City since , writing and performing with the The Second City Touring Company as well as for The Second City Guide To The Opera and the upcoming Death of a Streetcar Named Virginia Woolf: A Parody.

The Realish Housewives of Edina: A Parody is an original play created and written by veteran Chicago-based comics and Second City writers Kate James and Tim Sniffen, and is produced in association.

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