The texas and u.s. constitution essay

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The texas and u.s. constitution essay

U.S. Constitution Vs. Texas Constitution - Essay - Vika

First, some geographical background is in order. It was a handy treaty from the American perspective because Spain then ceded independence to Mexico inand the U.

They sold cheap land to Americans. The early Mexican government was beholden to free trade ideals and encouraged trade with the U. It also wanted a buffer of settlers separating its valuable mines to the south from Apache and Comanche invaders who controlled the northern part of their country.

Recipients of these Mexican land grants were called empresariosamong whom the most famous and important were Moses Austin and his son, Stephen. That was partly because he stood to gain more land from Mexico the more people he drew in. It was the height of the Jacksonian Era and the U.

The us constitution undemocratic essay

And East Texas defined the western boundary of King Cotton. To tame the independent-minded gringosMexico quit selling them cheap land and tried to cut off immigration from the U.

The texas and u.s. constitution essay

However, it was too late. Heightening the tension, Mexico experienced a counter-revolution in its early history, with a dictatorship run by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna replacing its original republic.

A rough counterfactual analogy to Santa Anna would be if a former British loyalist had become U. Coahuila y Tejas Flag As relations worsened, the diplomatic Austin served as a go-between, lobbying the central government to at least separate Tejas as a single independent state from its neighbor to the southwest, Coahuila.

The two were originally bound together as a double state, Coahuila y Tejas.

The us constitution undemocratic essay

Meanwhile, Austin encouraged white Texians or Texicans, or Texonians to honor their Mexican citizenship. But just as the British lost a key ally and supporter in Benjamin Franklin by castigating him after the Tea Party, so too Mexicans alienated their biggest Anglo ally, Austin, by jailing him in Mexico City.

On his way home from Mexico City, the erstwhile loyalist who once championed Mexican citizenship picked up works on the English Revolution of and decline of the Roman Empire in a New Orleans bookstore. Tejas was one part of a broader-based rebellion against the increasingly authoritarian Mexican government.

Separatists movements were brewing in the salmon-colored areas in the map on the left. Santa Anna was also tightening up trade restrictions, making it harder to ship tools and materials in and out of Mexico.

Two main roads led into Texas: The white troops awaiting Santa Anna in the spring of were not just empresarios; they included Americans from all over who had followed the story in newspapers that winter.

The texas and u.s. constitution essay

But he broke with Old Hickory over the expulsion of eastern Indians, opposing what came to be known as the Trail of Tears. Upon arriving in Tejas, he agreed to serve in the militia to qualify for free land.

Bythis was as much an American, as Texian, fight. The story unfolded just as the U. There were also centralist supporters of Santa Anna in Tejas, especially in the southeast around Victoria.

It dilutes the everyone-went-down-fighting version of the American story but also makes Santa Anna seem merciless. Generally, we shift our history around a bit here and there until it sounds like a story we want to hear.

In any event, at least most of the people in the Alamo fought to the death and Crockett died bravely even according to real evidence. Early Hollywood renditions of the Alamo story, including D. Hispanics; it was Mexicans vs. Free Blacks also fought for independence, but not in the second Alamo fight.

Mobility had kept them alive during the fighting between Spanish and Mexican forces in the s, and was a primary motive in their keeping livestock rather than growing crops. They thought defending forts trapped the defenders inside, which is exactly what happened to the rebels entrenched in the Alamo.

Houston just sent them to the Alamo to retrieve the ammo and destroy the fort, but they chose to defend it.Essay GOVT - US constitution vs TX constitution. or download with email. Essay GOVT - US constitution vs TX constitution. Download. Essay GOVT - US constitution vs TX constitution.

Uploaded by. Vee Thomas. GOVT Compare and contrast the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution.

The U.S. . He and other legal scholars also point to the Supreme Court’s ruling in That case stemmed from Texas’ sale of U.S. government bonds during the Civil War, to help fund the Confederacy. U.S. Constitution vs. Texas Constitution Essay Words | 3 Pages A constitution is the fundamental principles of government in a nation, either implied in its laws, institutions, and customs, or embodied in one fundamental document.

This book explores the history of the Texas Constitution as well as its similarities to the U.S.

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Constitution. From checks and balances to the rights of individuals, the text outlines principles of how constitutions function in both Texas and the United States as a whole.

The Bill of rights contains the ten amendments. "all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted their benefit.

The faith of the people of Texas stands pledge to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject. The Texas Constitution requires the house of representatives, each time a new legislature convenes, to choose one of its own members to serve as speaker.

As presiding officer, the speaker maintains order during floor debate, recognizing legislators who wish to speak and ruling on procedural matters.

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