The most beautiful natural wonders of

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The most beautiful natural wonders of

Sail around Ha long bay It was established on September 25, The park spansacres 1, km. Encompassing a vertical relief of nearly 13, feet 4, mthe park contains among its natural resources the highest point in the contiguous 48 United States, Mount Whitney, at 14, feet 4, m above sea level.

There are no indications of it erupting again in the near future.

Explore the interior of Iceland's Thrihnukagigur volcano It is centered around the Green River, with a tributary, the Nolin River, feeding into the Green just inside the park.

Visit Mammoth Cave The park is one of the most popular in Utah with nearly one million people visiting each year. Visit Bryce Canyon National Park Its peak is 4, metres 14, ft high, making it one of the highest peaks in the Alps. The four steep faces, rising above the surrounding glaciers, indicate the four compass points.

The mountain overlooks the town of Zermatt in the canton of Valais to north-east and Breuil-Cervinia in the Aosta Valley to the south. Jeju-do lies in the Korea Strait, southwest of Jeollanam-do Province, of which it was a part before it became a separate province in Its capital is the city of Jeju.


Visit Jeju Island Torres del Paine CHILE In the heart of Patagonia, glaciers rise in the midst of mountainscapes and alpine meadows, close enough to hike right up to and touch. They make Torres del Paine one of the most special national parks in the world — you'll never forget your first sight of ice on the beach.

Hike Torres del Paine In addition, there is an exclave in southern Nye County. See the sliding stones of Death Valley It is the most prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a summit elevation of 14, feet 4, m.

The most beautiful natural wonders of

Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it is on the Decade Volcano list.

Because of its large amount of glacial ice, Mt. Rainier could potentially produce massive lahars that would threaten the whole Puyallup River valley. Visit Mount Rainier National Park At its summit, the elevation is 1, feet amsl and feet Stone Mountain granite extends underground 9 miles 14 km at its longest point into Gwinnett County.So for this list, I have searched for the most unique and breathtaking places around the world – at least one from every continent – to bring you the 10 most beautiful natural wonders of the world.

Shiraz will forever be the birth and resting place of Iran’s most beloved poet, Hafez, but just an hour west, the foot (meter) Margoon Waterfall surges through the northwest Fars province.

The 7 Natural Wonders of Switzerland While Switzerland may be famous for producing the world’s best cheese, watches, pocket knives, and chocolate, perhaps the largest attraction to the European nation of Switzerland is its awe-inspiring natural beauty.

From stunning sea caves to towering waterfalls, Wisconsin is the proud home of some of the most breathtaking natural wonders this side of the Mississippi. Mother Nature-made and ripe for exploring, these scenic spots are the backdrop to some of the best .

I’d say the 3-hour drive is the most beautiful drive in Canada, although the majesty of the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler is a close second in terms of scenic beauty. There you have it, the 15 natural wonders of the Canadian Rockies.

Has a travel wonder made by nature ever made you say "wow?" Stationed at various locations around the globe, the most beautiful scenery in the world include some of the most gorgeous waterfalls, forests, caves, valleys, mountain ranges, parks, lakes, islands and other landscapes to ever exist.

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