Summer vacation for college students

Summer break is upon us and images of sitting on the beach, catching up with friends, and soaking up the sun all come to mind. Let go of the stress from the academic year for the next few months and do what will benefit and advance your unique career path. Here are the 10 things every college student should do this summer: Learn a new skill to add to your resume By learning a new skill, not only can you impress future employers, but it can also make you more marketable when you go on the job hunt.

Summer vacation for college students

Should modern day college students enjoy a stress-free summer, or is their future already demanding they work overtime?

Summer vacation for college students

Should you continue to hustle or take a break and unwind? Before you launch into an internship or purchase a membership at your local swim club, take a look at both sides of the argument. Here are some reasons in favor and against having a summer vacation free of professional commitments.

You may not be paying these bills right now, but once you graduate and step out into the real world, your savings account will most likely take a hefty monthly hit. You need to gain experience working effectively in a real world setting or building a portfolio that employers will take seriously.

These are the soft skills that will make you stand out among all the other eager applicants looking for jobs right out of college.

Taking MOOCs and classes outside of your major will help broaden your interests and expand your field of knowledge. But, if you spend all your time planning and working and building for your future, you can easily lose track of the present moment. In addition to the benefits of mindfulness popularized by leaders in religion, spirituality, and philosophy, there is hard science to back up the connection between being in the moment and being happy.

While you have the time, you deserve to spend the summer focusing on finding happiness in each day instead of worrying about what tasks the next day will bring. Buzzwords like wanderlust have exploded into our vernacular.

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The romantic ideas of backpacking through Europe or hiking through the mountains still draw many to the airport each day. In fact, studies in psychology show that distancing yourself from your work every so often can actually benefit your overall success.

Summer vacation for college students

According to William Hogben the brain needs some time to recover after strong bouts of mental productivity. Taking a break allows the subconscious to work in peace for a bit.

Learn to paddle board. Play Twister with your friends. Binge-watch your favorite movies from the 80s.

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So, which side are you on in The Great Summer Debate? Are you going to take some time off before stepping out into the real world, or do you already have some serious catching up to do? Jamie will graduate from Arcadia University next fall. Browse Successful Application Files.College – The Ultimate Summer Vacation Destination for PBC High School Students.

This summer a select group of Palm Beach County High School students will be given an all-expenses paid, week-long trip to college.

Summer Vacation Experiences for Plaza College Students

Sure, the Mile High City has been known to act as a convenient stopover to Rockies explorers, but students looking for an exciting, budget-friendly summer vacation should give Denver its dues. Sure, the Mile High City has been known to act as a convenient stopover to Rockies explorers, but students looking for an exciting, budget-friendly summer vacation should give Denver its dues.

15 Ways To Stay Productive Over Summer Break. School is out and summer is in full gear. If you're a college student, look into discounts and free admissions deals that your school offers.

14 East Coast Summer Road Trip Destinations for College Students Get in, loser, we're going on a road trip. Mike Martin D.C. allows a chance for a college student to explore our nation's heritage that won't break the bank.

The best part is: the museums are free. The Thursday after I move into my apartment, I depart for a vacation! I'm going down to North Carolina until Sunday morning for one of my friend's weddings, and then staying on Myrtle Beach until.

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