Sample harvard mba essays

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Sample harvard mba essays

Sample harvard mba essays

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Your admissions Sample harvard mba essays will be working through many essays very quickly, so be sure to make a good first impression. He got an electrical engineering degree from [redacted] due to hard work and perseverance.

When he graduated from [redacted] with a degree in Electrical Engineering, instead of going to work for a major corporation, he decided that he would make his own path and start his own business. Use Vivid Language Before: My father kept growing the company with his engineering education and technological understanding of manufacturing.

Why do you want an MBA? Original Essay My father greatly inspires me. His parents sacrificed so much so he could be the first in the family in college. Then he started his own company. This company is now one of the largest semiconductor suppliers in Zhejiang Province in China.

His company makes products for automotive, wireless infrastructure, lighting, mobile, consumer electronics, and many more. Even when young I was impressed with his skill and leadership. He has always helped me in my education as well. He always says he wishes he had more education in business and economics to help the company grow.

So he has helped me gain my education with a double degree of a BA in economics and a BS in electrical engineering. I now have been working in China for our family company for two years where I manage the supply chain and work with the best vendors in our province to contract out work we previously did within the company.

In this way, I have helped our company expand throughout China. Another issue I focus on is creating energy efficient products that are good for the environment.

This is not common for Chinese businesses, but I think it is a trend to follow in the future for the long-term growth of the company. I have heard that the case method is the best way to learn about real world problems so I am eager to try it. This experience will help me think of new ideas for our company.

Also, by meeting other students both international and national we will be able to share our perspectives and work together.

Best of all, we will have excellent professors in every field to guide us in our studies. I have read books by so many professors at HBS. This incredible experience will prepare me to help our company grow internationally when I return to China with a broader worldview.

My father was the first in our family to achieve an education; his parents made many sacrifices to ensure that he could attend the best schools possible.

Our products are used in a wide range of automotive, wireless infrastructure, lighting, mobile, and consumer electronics applications. From an early age, I have aspired to work with my father and to eventually lead our company onwards to greater heights.

By his own admission, however, our further expansion has been hampered by his lack of formal education in business and economics.

Sample harvard mba essays

Following his advice, I pursued my undergraduate education as a double degree candidate, obtaining a BA in Economics along with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Since graduating from college, I have returned to China to work for our family company.

In the last two years, I have been heading our efforts to streamline our supply chain, working closely with the best vendors in our province and refactoring our manufacturing processes to contract out work that we had previously done in-house. While conservation is not a major priority in most Chinese businesses, I believe that being ahead of the curve with regard to energy efficiency will help keep us at the top of our market.

I also am excited to meet and collaborate with diverse and brilliant HBS classmates. Moreover, I believe that my own unique perspective as an international student will enrich our discussions.

Finally, I look forward to studying under some of the most eminent professors in the field. I hope to return to China with new ideas and fresh strategies, ready to expand our company into new Chinese and international markets.Sample admissions essays for undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

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