Objectives of business ethics

Share on Facebook Convincing your employees to act ethically isn't always easy. Many employees equate ethical behavior with success: If honesty or fairness prevent a successful business deal, the employee's duty is to be dishonest and unfair.

Objectives of business ethics

That which is appropriate to the situation and generally acceptable. Which highest good for highest number of concerned people. Which is honest and due.

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Justice is done to all and it should appear that justice is given to due. Ethics means different meaning to different people. It is abstract and does not have universal standards or acceptance due to the fact that ethics depend on morals and morals on value system of people.

Experiences in turn alter ethical practices. Many business men do not agree that ethics is necessary in his business dealings. They also say that business and ethics are opposite terms and hence, combining them is not proper.

In the keep competition in the market place earning money is most important and how it is done is of secondary or no importance. The golden rule is that a person should have gold to rule. There is lot of misconceptions or myths about business ethics and business should be done with ethics in mind.

Objectives of business ethics

Myths are popular unexplained beliefs but not truths. There are 5 myths: Business and ethics do not go together: Business runs on scientific management principles whereas ethics is religious. Ethics in business is relative: Ethics is in the thinking and eyes of the man who sees business. One customer see business ethically excellent other customer see it is poor.

The experiences are contradictory and cannot be measured as so many kilos. Good business makes good ethics: Ethical means may be or may not be always in the interest of business or better profits. Whatever the profit or business of a company, CEO of the company has to act ethically.

The company should be prepared to pay costs for instituting and maintaining ethical values in the company. Management information systems MIS is neither immoral nor moral.

While MIS is good management productive tool and positive dimensions, there are dark usage areas. MIS may be misused. Information and computing can be put to bad use. There are violations of privacy and questionable use of data or putting the MIS in wrong perspective. Ethics is an individual matter: The right or wrong thinking is based on religious belief of individuals.

The Objectives of Business Ethics Training | Your Business

Business ethics is not for individuals. Individuals make ethical choices for their individual or own family life as well as for business. The choices in organisational decision making are based on data, discussions, purpose and directions in the organisation.

Organisations that do not act in a socially responsible ways often pay penalties.

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In all the 5 myths it may be seen that business ethics is seen in simplistic and unrealistic light. The 5 myths can be discussed for the case-let.

Essay on the Factors Influencing Business Ethics: Business Ethics is quality of being useful or desirable. It is commonly used to all things which people regard as good, desirable and just.

We generally make value judgments on many matters like good, skilled, unskilled, bad etc.Mar 25, Ā Ā· ā€œBusiness ethics (also corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment.

The Objectives of Business Ethics Training | Your Business

It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.ā€.

Ethics training need not have vague outcomes. You can set concrete objectives for ethical behaviors and procedures you expect for your company and assess how well your training conveys those.

One objective of a good ethics-training program should be to keep your employees operating within the law. Even if illegal behavior gives an employee an opportunity to boost his career or his income, a solid foundation in ethics can help him refuse.

Objectives of business ethics

The goals set by an organization that fall within an established set of moral guidelines or fair business practices. Most business managers will only set ethical objectives for their company since doing anything else will tend to tarnish their reputation.

Ethics training need not have vague outcomes. You can set concrete objectives for ethical behaviors and procedures you expect for your company and assess how well your training conveys those.

Essay on the Objectives of Business Ethics: The Objectives of Ethics are to evaluate the human behaviours and calling up on the moral standards. The ethical standards also prescribe how to act morally in specified situations.

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