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Received Apr 6; Accepted Oct 2. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Salmonella is a common intestinal pathogen that causes acute and chronic inflammatory response.

Mahowald lab4

By Daniel Chester Ohnemus B.


Ohnemus All rights reserved. The distributions of these phases are poorly constrained and undersampled in the oceans, despite interactions between living organisms and non-living minerals having central roles within many globally relevant biogeochemical processes. Through a combination of method development, basin-scale particulate collection and analyses, modeling, and field experiments, this thesis examines both the distributions of marine particulate trace metals and the underlying processesinputs, scavenging, vertical and horizontal transport, and biotic uptake-in which marine particles participate.

I first present the results of an intercalibration exercise among several US laboratories that analyzed filtered particles on shared polyethersulfone filters. We Mahowald lab4 present a new chemical method for complete dissolution of polyethersulfone filters and compare it to other total particle digestion procedures.

Inputs of lithogenic particles from African dust sources, hydrothermal systems, benthic nepheloid layers and laterally-sourced margin influences are observed and discussed. Lithogenic particle residence times, size-fractionation patterns, Ti-mineral speciation, and relationships to biological aggregation processes are calculated and described.

A one-dimensional, sizefractionated, multi-box model that describes lithogenic particle distributions is also proposed and its parameter sensitivities and potential implications are discussed.

Mahowald lab4

The thesis concludes with the presentation of results from a series of bottle incubations in naturally iron-limited waters using isotopically labeled Fe-minerals. We demonstrate both biotic and abiotic solubilization of the minerals ferrihydrite and fayalite via transfer of isotopic label into suspended particles.

These results are the first of their kind to demonstrate that minerals can be a source of bioavailable iron to euphotic communities and that spatial and ecological variations in mineral Fe-bioavailability may exist.

Associate Scientist 3 Acknowledgements Although this thesis has my name on it, every page bears the watermark of my brilliant and ever thoughtful advisor, Phoebe J. Thank you so much for providing me with exciting projects, invigorating afternoon data conversations, prompt and thoughtful written feedback, and what I'm sure was a lifetime's worth of patience over the years.

Together we've travelled to the bottom of the world, sampled oceans, and spent nights by the hum of a synchrotron; it's hard to imagine doing research without your insight. Thanks also to my illustrious thesis committee: Your advisorship and feedback were invaluable to keeping my goals in sight.

I thank every friend, colleague and institution employee who's helped guide my way and shaped my graduate school experiences. My good friends and roommates Abby Heithoff, Michael Toomey, and Liz Bonk made coming home from aborted cruises or long nights combating matrix effects in the Plasma Facility something extra special.

I will always look fondly on my years sharing a home with you and my stupid cats. The nearly innumerable but I'll try! Thank you all so much just for being you.

Thank you all for so many cherished memories. Nine year-old Dan 0. And now it's published forever. The captains, crews, and dock-side teams of all the research vessels and institutions involved in sample collection deserve special acknowledgement.

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Mahowald Lab4 Essay Table 1. I then proceeded to create a new mixture of 8 drops of potassium chromate and 4 drops of HCl into a clean well and used the pipet to draw up the mixture.

Theses K. Mahowald. An LFG Approach to Old English. Master’s thesis. Oxford University. K.

Mahowald lab4

Mahowald. A Fairy’s Tale: Queen Mab’s Journey from Shakespeare to Modernity. The Misha Mahowald Prize recognizes outstanding research in neuromorphic engineering, worldwide. The prize is named for Misha Mahowald, one of the most influential pioneers of the field of neuromorphic winner of the prize is selected by an independent jury of world-leading figures in the field..

The prize is . regulates signaling events required for proper Drosophila embryonic development Craig R. Magie and Susan M. Parkhurst Division of Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer . Lactobacillus acidophilus attenuates Salmonella-induced intestinal inflammation via TGF-β signaling.

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