Impressive personality subash chandra bosh

The Strategy "The time has come when I can openly tell the whole world, including our enemies, as to how it is proposed to bring about national liberation. Indians outside India, particularly Indians in East Asia, are going to organise a fighting force which will be powerful enough to attack the British Army in India. When we do so, a revolution will break out, not only among the civil population at home, but also among the Indian Army which is now standing under the British flag.

Impressive personality subash chandra bosh

14 Inspiring Speeches By Indians You Can't Afford To Miss - The Better India

This marks perhaps the most significant event in the annals of India's fight for independence. This event not only can be regarded as a historical link-up with what Bose himself chose to describe as "The Great Revolution of ," and which in his words "has been incorrectly called by English historians 'the Sepoy Mutiny,' but which is regarded by the Indian people as the First War of Independence.

An armed assault on the citadel of the British Empire in India was the only alternative left to deliver the country from bondage. While other leaders of the Indian National Congress fell short of realizing this fact and thus betrayed a lack of pragmatic approach to the turn of world events that provided India with a golden opportunity to strike at the British by a force of arms, Bose rose to the needs of the hour and was quick to seize that opportunity.

While Bose's compatriots in India remained totally wedded to an ideological creed non-violencewhich at that time could only serve the British and postpone the advent of independence, and while their ideological interpretations of the new revolutionary regimes in Europe-again largely influenced by British propaganda-prevented them from even harboring any thought of seeking their alliance and co-operation in the struggle against a common enemy, Sublias Chandra Bose alone had the courage to take the great plunge, thus risking his own life and reputation, solely in the interest and cause of his country.

In Januarywhile under both house arrest, and strict British surveillance, he escaped. After an arduous trek through the rugged terrains of several countries, with an Italian passport under the assumed name of Orlando Mazzota - in which he was aided by underground revolutionaries and foreign diplomatic agents -- Bose appeared in Berlin, via Moscow, on 28 March Bose was welcome in Germany, although the news of his arrival there was kept a secret for some time for political reasons.

The German Foreign Office, which was assigned the primary responsibility of dealing with Bose and taking care of him, had been well informed of the background and political status of the Indian leader through its pre-war Consulate-General at Calcutta and also by its representative in Kabul. Bose himself, naturally some what impatient for getting into action soon after his arrival in Berlin, submitted a memorandum to the German government on 9 April which outlined a plan for co-operation between the Axis powers and India.

Among other things, it called for the setting up of a "Free India Government" in Europe, preferably in Berlin; establishment of a Free India broadcasting station calling upon the Indian people to assert their independence and rise up in revolt against the British authorities; underground work in Afghanistan Kabul involving independent tribal territories lying between Afghanistan and India and within India itself for fostering and aiding the revolution; provision of finances by Germany in the form of a loan to the Free India government-in-exile; and deployment of German military contingents to smash the British army in India.

In a supplementary memorandum bearing the same date, Bose requested that an early pronouncement be made regarding the freedom of India and the Arab countries. Evidently the idea of recruiting the Indian prisoners of war for the purpose of establishing a nucleus of an Indian national army did not occur to him during his early days in Berlin.

At that time the German government was in the process of formulating its own plan for dealing with Sublias Chandra Bose in the best possible manner. The Foreign Office felt itself inadequate to discharge this awesome responsibility without referring the whole matter to Hitler.

While this issue was being considered at the highest level of the government, Bose's own requests as set forth in the submitted memorandum, made it far too complicated and involved to be resolved at an early date.

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There was a long wait for Bose, during which period he often tended to become frustrated. Nevertheless, through several sympathetic officers of the Foreign Office, he continued to press his requests and put forth new ideas.

Finally, after months of waiting and many moments of disappointment often bordering on despair for Bose, Germany agreed to give him unconditional and all-out help. The two immediate results of this decision were the establishment of a Free India Center and inauguration of a Free India Radio, both beginning their operations in November These two organizations played vital and significant roles in projecting Bose's increasing activities in Germany, but a detailed account of their operation lies outside the purview of this paper.

It should suffice to say that the German government put at Bose's disposal adequate funds to run these two organizations, and he was allowed complete freedom to run them the way he liked at his own discretion.

In its first official meeting on 2 Novemberthe Free India Center adopted four historical resolutions that would serve as guidelines for the entire movement in subsequent months and years in Europe and Asia.

The radio programs were broadcast in several Indian languages on a regular basis. During this long period of "hibernation," the period between Netaji's arrival in Berlin and the beginning of operations of the two organizations, it can be reasonably assumed that the idea of forming an Indian legion that could be developed into an Indian Army of Liberation in the West, crossed Bose's mind.

He might even have discussed this matter with his colleagues-the Indian compatriots in Germany who had joined him-as to how best to implement the idea.

However, as mentioned earlier, his first memorandum submitted to the German Government did not include any such plan. Ganpuley, who was his associate in Berlin, Netaji himself, when he left India, could not have, by any stretch of imagination, thought of forming a national army unit outside the country, and therefore he had no definite plans chalked out for its realization.

Even while in Berlin, he could not think of it during the first few months of his stay there.

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Ganpuley relates an interesting episode in this regard. To quote again from his book: It was all due to a brain wave of Netaji which started working by a simple incident. He read one day about some half a dozen Indian prisoners-of-war who were brought to Berlin by the Radio Department to listen to the BBC and other stations which sent out their programmes in Hindustani.

He saw them there going about, not as free Indians, but as prisoners-of-war. They were brought to the Radio Office every day to listen to and translate the Hindustani programmes, and were sent back to their quarters escorted by a sentry After he had a talk with them about war, about their captivity and their present life, his active mind started working He pondered over it for some time and decided to form a small national military unitHere is a list of 14 such great inspiring speeches by Indians that brought the nation together.

It is the power of words - when spoken, everyone listens. Here is a list of 14 such great inspiring speeches by Indians that brought the nation together 14 Inspiring Speeches By Indians You Can’t Afford To Miss.

by Shreya Pareek July 4. Mar 26,  · Collection of Heros Showing of messages. His was a multifaceted personality. His deep interest in sports, music, fine arts and poetry was well known.

Impressive personality subash chandra bosh

and Subash Chandra Bose's faction, which advocated taking advantage of the situation to expel the British Raj by any means necessary. In , Pant was arrested . Full text of "ERIC ED Bengal in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Asia Series Occasional Paper No.

" See other formats. NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE The Singapore Saga Selected writings, rare photographs, oral history and archival documents on Subhas Chandra Bose and Singapore’s role in the struggle for India’s freedom.5/5(3).

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Subhas Chandra Bose, The Indian National Army, and The War of India's Liberation. By Ranjan Borra. India's Army of Liberation in the West. The arrival of Subhas Chandra Bose in Germany in (during the turbulent period of World War II) and his anti-British activities in that country in co-operation with the German government, culminated in the formation of an Indian legion.

14 Inspiring Speeches By Indians You Can't Afford To Miss - The Better India