How to write a feature article pdf samurai

Overview Articles aim to inform, entertain and persuade readers. But most articles will do all three to some degree. Purpose Feature articles are detailed pieces of writing that explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas.

How to write a feature article pdf samurai

Share Shares 1K Samurai are legendary warriors and perhaps the most well-known class of people in ancient Japan. They were noble fighters that fought evil and each other with their swords and frightening armor, following a strict moral code that governed their entire life.

Their weapon of choice was usually the naginata, a spear with a curved, sword-like blade that was versatile, yet relatively light. Since historical texts offer relatively few accounts of these female warriors the traditional role of a Japanese noblewoman was more of a homemakerwe used to assume they were just a tiny minority.

However, recent research indicates that Japanese women participated in battles quite a lot more often than history books admit. When remains from the site of the Battle of Senbon Matsubaru in were DNA-tested, 35 out of bodies were female.

Research on other sites has yielded similar results. However, each piece of it was functional. The samurai armorunlike the armor worn by European knights, was always designed for mobility. A good suit of armor had to be sturdy, yet flexible enough to allow its wearer free movement in the battlefield.

The armor was made of lacquered plates of either leather or metal, carefully bound together by laces of leather or silk. The arms were protected by large, rectangular shoulder shields and light, armored sleeves.

The right hand was often left without a sleeve to allow maximum movement. The strangest and most convoluted part of the armor, the kabuto helmet, also served its purpose.

Its bowl was made of riveted metal plates, while the face and brow were protected by a piece of armor that tied around behind the head and under the helmet. It defended the wearer from arrows and swords coming from all angles.

Many helmets also featured ornaments and attachable pieces, including a mustachioed, demonic mengu mask that both protected the face and frightened the enemy.

A leather cap worn underneath the helmet provided much-needed padding. Although the samurai armor went through significant changes over time, its overall look always remained fairly consistent to the untrained eye. It was so well-made and effective that the US Army actually based the first modern flak jackets on samurai armor.

Much like the Spartans, another warrior culture, the samurai not only accepted the presence of same-sex relations in their culture—they actively encouraged them.

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These relationships were generally formed between an experienced samurai and a youth he was training again, very much like the Spartans. Although wakashudo was considered a fundamental aspect of the way of the samurai, history has kept relatively quiet about it.

Pop culture depictions of samurai, ushered in by director Akira Kurosawa and his trusted actor Toshiro Mifune, have never addressed this fact either. This special honor which included samurai weapons and a new, Japanese name could only be bestowed by powerful leaders, such as daimyos territorial lords or the shogun warlord himself.

History knows four Western men who have been granted the dignity of the samurai: Out of the four, Adams was the first and the most influential: However, they were actually an entire social class.

This means there were quite a lot more of these mighty warriors than we generally assume. Although their clothing was elaborateevery aspect of it was designed to fit their needs as warriors.* Article or Case Law Search Resource: Article or Case Law Search Grading Criteria Find an article or a current legal case involving one of the following: * A critical regulatory issue in health care * A critical regulatory issue specific to institutional health care Write a to 1,word analysis of the article or legal case and.

Feature Article Template Follow this step-by-step guide to write a strong feature. Think of a template as braces for your teeth or training wheels for your bike. Aug 20,  · How to Write a Feature Article Six Parts: Sample Feature Choosing a Topic Interviewing Subjects Preparing to Write the Article Writing the Article Finalizing the Article Community Q&A Featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically relies on the style 87%(91).

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Feature Writing tells the reader a story. It has a beginning (lead), middle and end. It uses quotes liberally and allows the reader to see the story through detailed description and vivid writing. Transition/Quote Formula! Lead: Most interesting information.

how to write a feature article pdf samurai

Each samurai-in-training is taught to read and write, contemplating classics of literature,religion, and art with which to refine his mind and spirit. Finally, all are taught the martial arts for which these warriors are most well known which allow the samurai to tap into the fighting spirit of their very soul, know as Ki.

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