Greenhouse projects business plan

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Greenhouse projects business plan

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In its place,we are entering a period of consequences. They also agree that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising significantly. We can see from satellite images and research that the ice caps are melting faster, our sea levels are rising, and weather patterns are changing.

We are experiencing more water shortages and we will see hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones increasing in ferocity and frequency. The deserts will expand and the world will ultimately have difficulty growing enough food.

Without doubt, we have to change the way we live. There are a few scientists who claim our earth is going about business as usual. In dealing with global warming, we should at least adopt an approach based on the precautionary principle.

They are not just proving this theory to be correct, but they are also advising on what action we must take. The earth has gone through many natural climatic cycles during its long history.

The scary part is we are causing changes to happen at an unbelievable rate, much faster than normal.

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Burning fossil fuels pours out greenhouse gases at a life-threatening rate and causing global warming. The rate of climate change is now so fast we are struggling to adapt our philosophies, economics, and lifestyle to slow it down. We must alter the way we live or we will suffer staggering consequences.

There is a lot of information on this site and I trust it adds to your understanding about greenhouse issues.

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I also hope it leads you to discover more about global climate change and what you must do. Come with me and understand what causes global warming and climate change, then act, do something….Steps to comply with President Trump's executive order calling for a review of the Clean Power Plan.

Our vision is a new way of doing business – one that delivers growth by serving society and the planet. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Annual Reports DocEx.

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Provides general information on energy resources and their environmental effects; how electricity is delivered and used; and related tools and EPA program links. St.

greenhouse projects business plan

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