Galaxy note 10.1 writing apps

With its intuitive full-touch screen and unique interface, you can now capture, create and share more content on-the-go than ever before: Loaded and Ready to Go The Galaxy Note comes with some great preloaded apps tailored for its unique features and ready for you to start using.

Galaxy note 10.1 writing apps

Externally, the physical "home" button and the two touch-sensitive buttons on the front of the phone were replaced by four touch-sensitive buttons.

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Reception[ edit ] The Galaxy Note received positive reviews, but with critics divided on user acceptance of its polarizing form factor; Pocket-lint remarked that the device was "positively gargantuan" in comparison to an iPhone 4S and that users would look "like a fool" if they held it to their face to take a call.

At the same time, the HD Super AMOLED display was considered one of the best that Samsung had ever used in a device—praising its increased resolution and clarity over that of the Galaxy S IIits "vibrant and searing" colors, and its convenience for watching video whilst travelling.

The presence of a stylus was compared to PDAs and early Windows Mobile devices, but with the addition of pressure sensitivity and the "versatile" S Memo app.

However, beyond bundled apps and others in the S Choice portal, the device was criticized for not having enough software designed around the S Pen on launch. In conclusion, the Galaxy Note was considered to be a capable device and potentially "the best handheld games console around" due to its screen size, but showed concerns over whether it would appeal to a mainstream audience.

However, it was argued that the Galaxy Note could appeal best to enterprise users, as it can "[replace] a tablet with gusto. As useful as a larger device, yet more portable. In regard to its market positioning, it was felt that web browsing felt more comfortable on the Galaxy Note's 5.

Samsung are just pushing a little bit further than the rest. Stretching the comfort zone.

galaxy note 10.1 writing apps

The Galaxy Note is not what you're used to. You can take it as a warning.


The camera was praised for its quality and number of options available, but it was noted that the large form factor made it trickier to use the camera one-handed.

The lack of a dedicated shutter button was also criticized, as well as the extrusion of the camera lens itself, which made it susceptible to scratching.

The S Pen was considered "handy", but was criticized for having inconsistent performance, while the design of the stylus itself was criticized for feeling "like writing with a twiglet for people like us with shovel-like hands.

Noting that the device's marketability was questioned on launch, it was felt that the success of the Galaxy Note II proved there was a legitimate consumer interest in the concept of a phablet.Writing notes by hand is definitely the way to go when you have a Note 9, and OneNote is one of the best note-taking apps around.

You can handwrite your notes with the S Pen, and save them to the cloud. A. A Service is a collection of features tied to a specific application on a Samsung smart device or accessory device. For example, an alarm service can provide features for adding and deleting alarms, enabling and disabling alarms, and receiving alarm alert notifications.

Aug 21,  · xda-developers Samsung Galaxy Note Galaxy Note General Writing on PDFs? by x2x3lit3x2x XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

The best S Pen apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note Inkredible eschews a lot of the bells and whistles from other note-taking apps to focus on building a great writing experience.

For having the Samsung Galaxy note edition for less than a week, I haven't yet had the time to unleash and discover all of its capabilities, but at first blush I can already tell this will be a top device in my technological arsenal.

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