Forgive essay

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Forgive essay

Sometimes, a person performs such act which is damaging for us, hurt us, or anyone does such mistake which make our life or a part of life tough.

Forgive essay

And when we react in response to that act or mistake, it can cause damage on both sides. For example we fight or try to take revenge which means we do the same bad deed which the other did. There will be no difference between that person and us.

Forgive essay

Secondly if we forgive someone then we are at higher place. There will be no damage to our self respect, instead we become more respectable. When we avoid forgiveness, a feeling to take revenge always resides in our heart which can cause frustration and as result we may damage our personality.

But if we forgive someone on his bad deeds, we feel light, our heart and mind become relaxed and it has a great impact on our personality.

By looking in the past, much warfare was happened as a result of some kind of revenge which caused the death and decline of many nations. It is the need of time to create a sense of forgiveness in ourselves. Otherwise many lives can be the victim of our so called ego and revenge.Essay on Forgiveness Forgiveness can be defined as the foregoing of resentment or revenge when the wrongdoer's actions deserve it.

Forgiveness is a very subjective theme and everyone has there own idea on who should and who should not be forgiven.

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So we eventually got to talking about how stupid it was in English class one day and came to the conclusion that we should just put it behind us and forgive each other.

We did and have been better best friends than we were in the first place. In the Bible, Jesus said, "forgive not seven times, but seventy-times seven." Why? Because forgiveness is our ability to remove negative thoughts and neutralize them so our energy may be spent on doing what we came here for.

Forgive and Forget Essay Sample

Mar 19,  · 2. Forgiveness Essay Journey of Forgiveness - Words. JOURNEY OF FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness is something that is sometimes hard to attain.

People sometimes find it hard to forgive others due to the circumstance of the situation. Forgiveness is an ability that is needed in order for you to be a nice person.

Short Essay on Forgiveness

Sep 06,  · FORGIVENESS - Is it really that hard to Forgive someone? by Arawwr. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”(Matthew , NIV) Husain Haddawy’s The Arabian Nights discusses many situations in which individuals learn to forgive others for the wrong that they have done against them.

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