Flash fiction writing advice

Pretend you only get one tweet to convey your idea. Look, I just saved 3 words by editing that sentence. It adds up, people!

Flash fiction writing advice

Here are some tips and trick for writing excellent flash fiction. A drabble is words, nano fiction is 55 words, and TwitFic Twitter fiction is limited to characters. Consult magazine and website guidelines to be safe.

It is a complete short story, it is not you taking a 2,word story and cutting off 1, words. It should do all of the things that a regular short story does typically 1, words including using a narrative hook, conflict and resolution, character development, tension, plot, setting, dialogue—you know flash fiction writing advice the parts.

Flash fiction should do all of the things that a regular short story does. This is the heart of what makes great flash fiction, in my opinion.

flash fiction writing advice

Where you might have four characters in a short story, you may only have two, for example. Every sentence should not only reveal character, to riff on the Vonnegut advice, but ALSO advance the plot. So how can we do this? There will be instances where you will WANT to tell, instead of show.

One sentence may be all you need to explain a sordid past as a stripper, hit man, or crooked banker. Think of the tip of the iceberg—show us that, but not the entire mountain of ice and snow.

Allow for some of the action to occur off the page, the consequences of the violence where we reside, instead of the entire history of abuse. Instead, start us at the inciting incident, the moment after which things will never be the same, the crossroads where your protagonist sits, uncertain what to do next.

There should be a sense of urgency. What kind of totem summons an ancient evil, bringing it to your doorstep, and how might it be stopped, what might that creature look like, and who is at risk—the father, the mother, or the child? All your protagonist wants is to dance in a field of flowers, shedding one piece of clothing after another, her blonde hair spinning in the sunlight, trying to find a way to feel alive, to be seen, when everyone around her ignores her.

Fear, anger, loss, hunger, love, lust, want, need, betrayal—pick an emotion and sit in that one mood, that one color, and really go deep. Every word should count, revealing character, adding layers to the emotion, developing the theme and mood, so that everywhere we look there is blue, everywhere we go there is water, every act is one of betrayal.

When I say layers, I mean give us depth in every possible way—emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The little details will ground our reality; the universal themes will have broad appeal. If the emotion is sadness, for example, how might we wallow in that?

Put your deepest, darkest secrets on the page, put your brightest, most hopeful dreams on the page—anything that means something to you, nothing that is boring, dry or common. What did you do when he broke your heart and left you?

What was it like when you dropped LSD and had that threesome?

flash fiction writing advice

What was it like when you woke up in the cornfields, your best friend nowhere to be seen? Use it all, and when your own life is too dull—expand, invent, and embellish. You know, all of that stuff. You have to build a world around those vulnerable moments—those fractured and damaged relationships.Because the more quality flash fiction there is in the world, the more material we have to choose from, the stronger Flash Fiction Online will be for years to come.

Improving your . How to write flash fiction. 1. Start in the middle. You don't have time in this very short form to set scenes and build character. 2. Don't use too many characters. You won't have time to describe your characters when you're writing ultra-short. Eliminate all but the essential words.

Get out your editor’s pen, and cross out any word that isn’t absolutely needed. If that means shorter, choppier sentences, that’s just fine, because it . For manuscript critiques, personal coaching for writers, a subscription to Flash Fiction Online, interviews with the staff, the anthology series, insider creative writing tips, advice from the.

In addition to providing daily micro and flash fiction stories directly in my inbox, Flash Fiction Magazine also provides authors with an amazing 'Authors Only List', where they give great tips on the craft of writing.

I devoured these like crazy. Flash Fiction exercises teach you the importance of writing to a word count, avoiding clutter, word choice and usage, and organizing your thoughts. Below are just a few exercises that I .

3 Tips to Writing Flash Fiction – Ruffles and Grace