Essay on problems of working women in india

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Essay on problems of working women in india

From holding highest public office in bureaucracy to holding highest political position, the women have shouldered all kinds of responsibilities with grand success. A lot of change has taken place, in their position in this man dominated society.

With this gradual transition from household life to working women the sufferings of women have increased manifold. In ancient period, several women occupied distinguished positions in society and played very important role.

Maitreyi, Lilawati, Gargi, Katyayani, are some of the unforgettable names which can neither wither nor become absolute. The women have been adored since time immemorial as virtues incarnates. Manu, the great scholar said "Where women are worshipped there the deities are pleased".

The women were the centre and foundation of the social and cultural life of the family. The duties of woman were just contained to bring up the children, and caring every family member with her loving and amiable, characteristics which she naturally owes. It was the traditional faith that man is for thy field and woman for the home.

With the political emancipation of India, the women of free India ushered into a new role. Today the women enjoy equality of status, equality of opportunity with men. She became financially independent and economically sound, she became the major decision maker, and she became the policy maker in various new fields.

She ventured into outer field, but the traditional views about her role as home maker, about! Her so called sacred duties of Mother, Sister, Wife, are still kept on demanding on her the women are divided between her official work and home duties.

Essay on problems of working women in india

Her duties start from early in the morning with many responsibilities on her shoulder before going to office, like preparing breakfast, lunch, getting kids ready for school etc. During office hours she has to work equally or say more sincerely than her male counterparts.

She has to fulfill her duties at home even after office homes. Her pathetic position, working at home as well as at office, is not admired, even by her husband or mother-in-law or father-in-law.

The support and cooperation if extended by her husband in household; work is at his sole desertion. Husband is free to take excuses of over burdened work pressure of official exigencies, but wife is expected to be found fresh and amiable all the time.

The men consider the household work as sole responsibility of the women. He considers working at home below his dignity and if he does something it is done as per his wish and convenience.

The working atmosphere in the offices, particularly, for the women is also not so congenial. Most of the male counterpart treat the woman an easy scope goat for fulfilling their sexual desires. The incident of intentional touching, double meaning dialogues, unwarranted comments, piercing in her private affairs are some of the common examples which create lot of irritation and make the women unnecessarily defensive.

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The incidents of one sider sexual advancement by the boss, staring at her body parts, alluring her with quick promotion in return, are generally to be faced by a working woman. With women entering into new fields, she become more vulnerable to the dangers like eve-teasing, sexual advancement, transfers, etc.

Essay on problems of working women in india

The women can only explain to have frights and hardships experienced by her while working in office. In the present male dominated, patriarchal society, people find it difficult to accept the women as independent personality.

In addition to these hardships, the women are bound to play the traditional role of child bearing and child rearing. So while performing these natural roles, sometimes she had to be out of office for a long period which causes adverse effects on her career, though not openly but in reality.

Now she has to play the role of both the parents and her duties are tribled. The problems of a career women are endless and peculiar and differ from place to place, office to office, and person to person. In this fast changing world, particularly the role being accepted and played by the women, the analysis is but necessary to find a suitable balance in order to save the career women from their ever increasing hardships.Employment of women has now been widely accepted phenomena in present Indian society.

The parents and the society are now approving the employment of both married and unmarried girls. Though educated people are changing in their attitude but some conservative section of the society do not consider it good for an unmarried girl to be in a job.

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Essay on Women Empowerment in India

ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Problems Related to Women in India! Many empirical studies have been conducted to assess the problems faced by women in and outside family and to know the quality of change in the status of women in India. Almost all studies reveal that sexism still prevails every­where.

India is more open to women working outside the home, but there are some problems faced by working women that still prevent many from achieving their goals.

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Essay on Women Empowerment in India