Endangered ecosystem essay

Sunset view of Nilgiri mountain peaks, Nepal Donkey on a mountain trail in Nepal Dhaulagiri mountain, Nepal Nepal mountain landscape Familiarize yourself with Nepal, the Nepalese mountains, ecosystems, and biodiversity. List as many words as they can. Write your ideas down on your graphic organizers as you think. An ecosystem is an environment of living organisms interacting with each other.

Endangered ecosystem essay

Endangered ecosystem essay

In the past era where humans did not exist, extinction occurred due to natural causes. Humans are the only moral agent; in Endangered ecosystem essay, it has the intellectual capacity that animals and plants do not have.

Thus, humans are powerful and dominate over any species. Many practices that humans do such as: Thus, humans have a moral obligation to preserve endangered species for such reasons focus on biodiversity, future generation and cultural icon.

First argument why humans have moral obligation to preserve endangered species would be for the reason of biodiversity. Every species are all unique with each other. Each one has its own unique genetic code.

So, if one species become extinct, they cannot be replaced.

Threats to wild species and our environment

As well as all species have a purpose for one organism or so. Extinction of species would cause the chain of an on going process that occur everyday for organisms to be in disorder. That is, if one would Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan take a species out in the ecosystem, it would lead to extinctions of many other species.

The wrong that humans are doing or allowing to happen through carelessness, is stopping the historical flow in which vitality of life is laid. Every extinction is a kind of superkilling. It kills forms speciesbeyond individuals.

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Humans benefits from plants and animals, just like plants and animals benefit from humans and to one another. However, short-term effect of extinction may not be visible, but in a long run it will be detrimental. Thus, future generation will pay for the consequences if extinction of endangered species is ignored.

However, one could argue if humans should still have a moral obligation to preserve endangered species, if the humans present now will not exist and benefit in the future in that sense.

Deontological argument essay powerpoint

To answer this, the following issue will be address below. For the future of our children and grandchildren that humans care for, and for the animals and plants, humans need to preserve endangered species. Everything that humans choose to do now will affect the future generation.

If humans continue to exploit species in our ecosystem especially endangered ones and pollutes the environment, negative consequences will affect the future.

Such exploitation comprise of using species for commercial usage for instance: The negative effect in the future could lead to depletion of resources for animals, plants and humans such as habitats, food, and protection from natural disasters.

In addition, the resources for medicines to find cures for present untreatable illnesses would also be affected due to extinction of endangered species. There are many species particularly plant species that have not been tested that could be the answer to deadly illnesses. Thus, for the well being of the future generation, humans have a moral obligation to preserve endangered species.

Another argument is that when people are traveling to different places, the first thing a person notices is the culture of the place. A person sees how the culture differs from places to places.

Thus, culture is what makes one place unique from other places. The uniqueness that every culture has is what represents the identity of people living in their community. People value their own culture and proudly represent them on such occasions to show off their unique culture. Such occasions like Olympics where athletes from different countries around the world gather and shows off their culture by wearing their cultural clothes and waving their flag would be an example.This is an alphabetical list of environmental issues, harmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical benjaminpohle.com such, they relate to the anthropogenic effects on the natural environment, which are loosely divided into causes, effects and mitigation, noting that effects are interconnected and can cause new effects.

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