Effect of boko haram on nigerian

Reuters Nigeria has broken two records in First, it became the largest economy on the continent after rebasing its GDP. It also experienced the deadliest attack yet from militant Islamist group Boko Haram, whose members killed people two months later. These are twin problems for a country whose massive economic growth has, in many cases, furthered the divisions between its commercial, southern states now home to dozens of multinational companies and a growing middle class, and its poverty-stricken unstable northern region, where Boko Haram dominates.

Effect of boko haram on nigerian

June 19, by articles 3 Comments Nigeria Economy — The Effects of Strike on Nigerian Economy Nigeria Economy — Nigeria is a country which came to be in the year and got their independent In Nigeria society the word strike have been an experience, eye witness and very common to citizen, foreigners and all those which are under the umbrella of this nation.

The ugly incident started from precolonial to post colonial and even more rampant at this 21 century. Strike is a situation where workers refuse to work as a protest or labour revolt, walkaway from duty post.

In this our great nation strikes have a great impact in our economy.

Effect of boko haram on nigerian

As a layman define strike as to hit something hard or with force to fall. Strike has stroked Nigeria economy and bring it to zero level. A close mouth is a closed destiny said John Markson. It is clear that no country will progress for going on strike since it make the whole economic to be dormant.

Strike brings our economic like politice, wealth education, and evolutional change to zero level. In area of Education: It has been the ideal thing in Nigeria society that no regime will complete its tenure without students going on strike.

The optimism that followed the relatively peaceful elections that brought in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration gradually gave way to concerns about government intolerance for dissent. Map of Nigeria locating fatalities as a result of Boko Haram attacks from January to July 16 Photo: Reuters “In some parts of the north, the security situation has affected farmland. Outside Baltimore, Maryland, sheets of tinplated steel transform into colorful cans and containers for Zippo lighter fluid, Starbucks cookies, Nestle chocolates, and premium brands of peanuts and.

It was in this year that I found the kind of country God place me into it. I can state clearly with the little knowledge of mine that a dollar is equivalent N It was in this regime when Adams Oshiomohle was the minister of labour.

Effect of boko haram on nigerian

As a man of integrity who did not mistook God to evil always declare strike to whole labour when government give deaf eye to cry of education institution. It later depreciates from N80 to N and finally to N It was in this regime that Nigerian universities depreciate in world ranking from to 3, It is in this regime that Aka-eze Aka of NTA Enugu station broad cast to the world that Nigeria university which have going on strike time without number have produce a graduate who can neither speak nor write her name.

Any country who rejects education rejects development. Since this day to day going on strike in this regime our graduate lost it value. They are no longer have regard in the world. This problem has lead most of our citizen to risk their life in such countries like Ghana, South Africa, U.

A Britain etc in search of quality education. In Enugu state of Nigeria was govern by Dr Chimaroke Nnamani who bring education at the bottom level of ever its exist before.

This had lasted more than six months strike in the state. This ugly incident had led to armed robbery by the students, lecturers, hunger, death of masses and dormant state of goods and services.Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday called for calm after 86 people were killed in an attack by suspected nomadic herders against farming communities in the restive centre of the country.

Outside Baltimore, Maryland, sheets of tinplated steel transform into colorful cans and containers for Zippo lighter fluid, Starbucks cookies, Nestle chocolates, and premium brands of peanuts and.

Jan 3, – Nigerian Actor Pete Edochie Is Dead: Dies In Austria, Fell From A Mountain Nigerian actor Pete Edochie who was rumoured dead few days ago in Austria might be dead. benjaminpohle.com According to sources, Pete Edochie reportedly died earlier this morning at am while filming a movie in Kitzuhel, Austria.

Boko Haram: Boko Haram, (Hausa: “Westernization Is Sacrilege”) Islamic sectarian movement, founded in by Muhammed Yusuf in northeastern Nigeria, that since has carried out assassinations and large-scale acts of violence in that country.

The group’s initial proclaimed intent was to uproot the. Dispatch Buhari’s (Nearly) Bare Cabinet Muhammadu Buhari promised to end corruption, defeat Boko Haram, and end Nigeria's oil woes. But six weeks into his presidency, he hasn't picked any.

The UN Security Council has approved sanctions against the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, five weeks after it kidnapped more than schoolgirls. It will now be added to a list of al-Qaeda.

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