Beauty pageants research paper

Share3 Shares To a sane observer, beauty pageants can seem to be rather strange affairs, yet they are an ingrained part of modern culture in many parts of the world. The idea of women being judged primarily on their looks, and only secondarily on their talent, is nothing new. If anything, beauty pageants are becoming less strange!

Beauty pageants research paper

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Adventures in China Apart from the dancing, another highlight of the event is the food to be had. Streets are peppered with food stalls and hawkers that entice you to sample their unique and indigenous wares. Various trade fairs are also held during the festival to promote other quality export products from the city such as its world famous dried mangoes.

The trade fairs also display indigenous goods that are not food such as hand-woven baskets and bags. Families are excited to witness the parades and spend quality time with each other while younger people save up to be able to come to Cebu because it is said that no night life in any other district could match the fervor and bliss that could be had in the city during Sinulog.

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Photo by Dee If you are in the Philippines during the time of the festival it would be a crying shame to miss it. In fact, the festival itself is enough reason to come to Cebu and the Philippines in general.

It is that Beauty pageants research paper. To appreciate more the essence of the festival, a comprehensive walk through follows. It will take you on a ride starting with the history and origin of the festival to how it is being celebrated today. Several key events are also highlighted in order for you not take note of and not miss.

Since there will be a lot of magnificent affairs, it would be advisable to make an itinerary or schedule for your stay in Cebu. History Cebu, which was known as Zubu before the colonization of the Philippines by Spain, was much alike the rest of the provinces in the country: The figure came to be regarded as a sign the conversion of the local pagans to Christianity and was also seen as a gesture of the Spaniards to extend friendship and camaraderie to the inhabitants of Cebu.

Basilica Minore del Sto. Photo by Alisa Being one of the first towns that the Spaniards converted to Christianity, Cebu had the privilege of experiencing the advantages and comforts of a civilized setting.

The conversion also brought about a transformation of the city from a normal trading port to one of the primary religious centers of the country. Cebu boasts of its own Roman Catholic Archdiocese and numerous churches prominent in Philippines history.

Religious nature of the Sinulog festival. Traditions Sinulog started off as a way of the local population to adapt to the sudden change in their religion. Sinug Dancing Sinug dancing or the art of the dance of Sinulog is no easy feat and requires years of practice under strict mentors.

It is believed that the motions and intonations of the chanting were derived from the previous practices of the pagans which were made to imitate the nature of water, whose Cebuano translation is sug. After many centuries, the Sinug dance is now synonymous to Sinulog and people refer to the dance and the festival using the same word.

Sinulog Leap of Faith. It was said that while Baladhay was suffering from a grievous illness and he was brought to a chapel to seek help.

Beauty pageants research paper

After a short while, Baladhay was heard shouting after awakening from a brief nap brought about by the exhaustion he was feeling due to the sickness. To add to the oddity of the situation, no one could explain why Baladhay was dancing, trying to mimic the motion of water.

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Thus is the root of the Sinulog dance being practiced today. Sinulog street parade — drummer boy. To mark this occasion, a fluvial procession is done and is a big event that loyal practitioners and devotees look forward to.

The icon is to stay there for a couple of days to spend some time with its foster father before the main event. Photo by Chester Lim After the Saint Joseph Parish, the icon is brought out to one of the islands of Lapu-Lapu where it is supposedly visiting its mother.

The head galleon is followed by an assortment of smaller boats and accompanied by beating drums, blaring trumpets, loud horns and sirens, grand fireworks and the cries and petitions of the devotees riding the boats. A recent addition to the procession has been the showering of flower petals from the sky by helicopters provided by the Mactan Air Base.Research Essay: Beauty Pageants and Self Esteem in Kids Beauty pageants: A confidence boost for kids or setting kids up for disaster?Children competing in beauty pageants have a higher chance of eating disorders, mental health problems, and self esteem issues in the future.

More then million beauty pageants are held a year . South Korea is, by all measures, a media-rich country. As of , this country of over forty-seven million people had as many as daily newspapers, with the top three of its national dailies boasting circulation of more than two million copies each.

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All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties. Jun 05,  · For the first time in nearly a century, Miss America contestants will not strut onstage in swimsuits this year, the organizers announced on Tuesday, as the pageant tries to . Analysis of Beauty Pageants in American Society - In American society the promotion of beauty pageants and the like, are in direct relation to the physical and emotional issues arising within women.

Research Essay: Beauty Pageants and Self Esteem in Kids Beauty pageants: A confidence boost for kids or setting kids up for disaster? Children competing in beauty pageants have a higher chance of eating disorders, mental health problems, and self esteem issues in the future.

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