Backstage business plan

Alex Osterwalder If you answered yes, then we have something in common! Just like a live performance theater, the Business Model Canvas BMC also has a backstage if you just go behind the curtains. The purpose of the backstage keeps the show going on that is taking place on the front stage.

Backstage business plan

People sometimes ask me about them.

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This blogpost provides an answer by explaining the Canvas through the analogy of a Theater watch the video. It shows why we got it right and why most adaptations are broken. When Yves Pigneur and I set out to find a better way to describe business models we had the following objective in mind: What are all the most important decisions you make when you design your business.

We were not interested in operational or organizational issues, but aimed to find a way to describe the blueprint of your business strategy, the core elements that constitute the heart of how your business works.

The Backstage of Your Business Model Canvas (1/2) – Brian D. Cooper

If you take away one block, you actually lose the big picture. You lose the overview of ALL the elements that compose your business logic. It will be incomplete. The following video from Strategyzer.

A theater has a front stage and a back stage. People don't really care about the back stage, but it is necessary to make the front stage possible.

Emmys: Director Glenn Weiss Talks Spontaneous Proposal Moment Backstage | Deadline

The front stage is what people are interested in and it is what they are willing to pay for. The backstage enables the front stage and it is what costs money. Like a theater, a business model has a front stage which leads to revenues and a backstage which makes up for the costs.

Eliminate any of the elements of the Business Model Canvas and you lose the big picture Hundred thousands of people around the world have come to value this. By the way, if you liked the video above you should sign-up for Strategyzer.

In a couple of weeks or a few months we will probably upgrade to Beta and drop the discount. Besides a really cool and collaborative business model tool you will find an increasing amount of content like the above video inside our Strategyzer Academy. A prototype version of this video was posted on this blog earlier last year.The original plan financing called for $ million from parking revenue bonds and $30 million from private resources.

By the time the park opened in , plans for the park had changed drastically. A cycle center provides heated bicycle parking, showers, and lockers for commuters. Backstage is the resource for actors, movers, and shakers in the performing arts—expert advice, casting news intel, inspiration, opportunities, and more, provided by industry pros and fellow.

backstage business plan

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No business stands a chance of long-term success without a strategic action plan. An action plan will keep you focused on achieving the results you seek and help you manage the distractions that will inevitably occur along the way.

backstage business plan

It will help you gain visibility and assemble the professional partnerships you will need for the long haul.

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