A comparison of the differences between the united states education system and the nepal education s

Education Definitions Average years of schooling of adults: Average years of schooling of adults is the years of formal schooling received, on average, by adults over age Barro-Lee Data Set www. Children out of school, primary.

A comparison of the differences between the united states education system and the nepal education s

Whether it is travel to another state or another country, travel typically brings about a better understanding of how fellow humans live and relate. My limited experience in both the USA and Nepal lead me to some personal observations I want to share to help others understand both places.

This is not a list of good and bad, right and wrong. It is simply the way things are as I see them and you can draw your own conclusions. Kids in both countries watch cartoons and like TV. In Nepal, visual pollution from motor vehicles is normal.

In the USA vehicle pollution is regulated and often checked annually along with vehicle safety in many states.


Most people wear helmets while riding motorcycles, except some crazies like those in Utah where it is not required by law. In Nepal, only the driver will have a helmet if anyone does. Large cities in both countries are crowded and often a location of desire to make a living. Religion plays a large roll in the lives in both countries, with most people seemingly ignoring most of the basic tenants treating people with kindness, turning the other cheek, loving your neighbor, etc… in every day life.

In Nepal, both Hindu and Buddhist holidays are celebrated and often given time off work or school. In the USA primarily only Christian holidays are an occasion to take time off work or school. Politicians in both countries are not trusted to do a competent job and are often viewed as corrupt individuals.

A comparison of the differences between the united states education system and the nepal education s

People in both countries want to be happy and live a good life. People in both countries believe in good luck and often do seemingly funny things to accomplish it.


In the USA typically only straight women can be seen walking hand in hand or arm in arm in public. In Nepal both men and women walk hand in hand with the same sex without any reference to orientation.

Coca-Cola is prevalent in both countries and Pepsi is often called Coke. Security at airports is far more strict in the USA.

Cheap beer tastes like cheap beer in either country. Kids in Nepal are often taught more than one language from elementary school on.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDIAN AND US EDUCATION SYSTEM. 3/9/ There is so much difference between Indian and US Education System.

Reply. National Home School link. 8/3/ pm. There is a lot of difference in the Education System in United States when compared with Other Countries. Reply. Difference between US Education System and Indian Education System. Although both India and the U.S. provide a good quality education, there are many differences in the way this task is accomplished.

Students from both countries have shown great potential and have contributed in almost every sphere across the world. Flag this Comparison. United Kingdom (UK) vs. United States (USA) Education Systems The following is an essay I wrote in the summer of , comparing the education systems in the UK and USA, specifically for the 2 universities I studied at.

Features a web application that compares two countries side by side, listing various facts, figures, measures and indicators allowing their similarities and differences to quickly be examined. Comparison between education System in Malaysia and education System in USA.

Education is the responsibility of the Government and it is committed to providing a sound education to all. This writing is about the differences in education system in Malaysia country and USA country.

The majority of your time on JET will be spent at one or more schools.

A comparison of the differences between the united states education system and the nepal education s

While differences in culture and daily life will likely be quirky and interesting, differences in the education system .

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