A classmate literacy profile narrative project

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A classmate literacy profile narrative project

We viewed scenes dealing with situations that have happened on campus recently or in the past relating to religion, sexuality, and race.

I was able to relate to each situation shown in many ways, but the one thing that stood out to me was the last scene about how my white classmate, the people that I am around everyday disrespect my race on social media and acted as if African Americans do not matter and do not belong here.

So I decided to do my essay on racism because I was hurt and disappointed about the things I saw and heard. In the beginning of my freshman year I joined a club called Project Care and they told me that even though African Americans, Hispanics, and other non-white individuals are the minorities at this school we are treated equal and should not be threatened or uncomfortable at Western Carolina.

They told me that I made the right choose, but the actions that have taken place since I have been here A classmate literacy profile narrative project me second guess my decision.

A classmate literacy profile narrative project

This is happening at schools across the country, from the University of Missouri to Ithaca College to Stanford. This article gives you an explanation for the actions of the black students at these predominately white schools. Du Bois the Cost and Bal You can be valued and rewarded in school and societythe schools say to these students, but you must first master the culture and ways of the American mainstream, and since that mainstream as it is represented is essentially white, this means you must give up many particulars of being black—styles of speech and appearance, value priorities, preferences—at least in mainstream settings.

This is asking a lot … For too many black students school is simply the place where, more concertedly, persistently, and authoritatively than anywhere else in society, they learn how little valued they are.

Steele The Cost and Bal To get treated like an equal you need to act like something or someone you are not and that is black people need to act white and that may get you the approval of society.

There is nothing equal or acceptable about that statement, Black people should not have to change themselves to get the acceptance of others. This article talks about how the documentary talks about unfair police officers.

Dean Strang, the attorney, is trying make an argument to defend his client who he believes was framed by the police. He says that it is hard to try to convince people that the police are not good.

Then reading more into the article it talks about national black civil rights movements and the deaths of black men like Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray and Laquan McDonald at the hands of police, followed by the non-indictment or non-conviction of those officers.

A classmate literacy profile narrative project

It also says something about how it is not just with police but with society more broadly. We as Black Americans are not accorded the benefit of the doubt, not given a chance to explain themselves No Benefit of the Doubt. Nicole Hemmer has wrote a few articles for the US News and I think in every one of her articles she pulls the right information out that people do not want to say.

Finally someone says that society as a whole thinks every black man in a murder. She was looking to get a point across and she publicized this documentary so now more poplar know about it.

Now more people will be able to see what is going on and not just people like myself who use Netflix on occasion. This was another article written Nicole Hemmer. Then it talks about Trump and how over the last eight months, Trump has shown that the racism in his announcement speech was just his opening bid.View Cray Francis’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

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It transformed my teaching and opened up leadership opportunities for me. provide narrative and expository texts for oral reading the illustrations provide context clues to foster meaning and comprehension Graphic novels often accelerate .

Homework: Complete Wordly Wise 2D-2E; be ready to go to the computer lab () to revise, edit, and/or finish your narrative project that is due Monday, October 31st. Tuesday, October 25th Today: Your goals are to learn lesson 2 vocab and to learn to give .

literacy unit. ENG Essay Examination Samples. interview notes, and personal profile paragraph) Family history narrative essay ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS classmate. Whole group – Discuss sample interview questions Creative writing activity #5 – Write a profile.

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